Utah Real Estate Solutions

This service-name was originated by our company because it best described our approach to the business of providing powerful real estate services to our Utah customers and clients. This applies to the sale of houses, lots, land and commercial properties throughout the State of Utah but more specifically in the greater Salt Lake area.

Let us share a couple of thoughts about the meaning of our name and our services. Our website is called Utah Realty because it is descriptive of our focus on services to buyers and sellers of real estate in Utah and the Salt Lake area.

There are two types of tangible property described in legal definitions. Traditionally, one type is personal property, which is movable in its most general sense. It has been referred to as “personalty” since old English times. The other type of tangible property is real estate and is traditionally called “realty”. It is not a contraction of the words, real estate, but it is an original word.

Because our company focuses on real estate transactions in the broadest meaning and because the word, realty, is not self limiting it is appropriate to describe our services with this word. Hence, our full name describes, in simplicity, that we provide real estate or realty services for the sale of homes and other property in Utah. We help people find homes for sale and sell homes quicker and easier.

Our core staff members possess over 70 years of real estate marketing experience. Our experience includes single family homes for sale, land for sale, development of subdivisions and office development.

Solution-Driven Company

Now, lets get back to the idea that we are a solution-driven company. We use the word, solutions, as part of our service motto because real estate transactions can frequently be challenging — even to those having extensive experience with homes for sale. So, we think it would be helpful to talk about a few of the typical challenges and describe our solution-driven approach to helping buyers and sellers of homes and all the other forms of real estate available through this site.

The challenges could be separated into two classes. The first class pertains to marketing challenges while the second class pertains to transactional challenges.

I. Marketing Challenges

We will discuss a few of these challenges in the form questions and answers.

II. Transactional Challenges

We will discuss a few examples of these challenges in the form questions and answers.