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Instructions For Finding Utah Homes & Utah Real Estate

Search by MLS # or Address: If you know the MLS number you can click on the “By Address” tab to see where the MLS number can be entered. It will take you directly to the home listing or other Utah real estate listing. Entering the address will also take you to the home for sale.
Narrow Search by Price: Enter a price range for low and high and use other search criteria.
Choose City or Zip Code: Narrow the search to specific cities by clicking on the “By City” tab and selecting one or more cities. You can also use Zip Codes to narrow the search for Utah MLS listings.
Use Map: Use the map to see results or to search for results. Click on the “By Map” tab to see a portion of a map.
  • Expand the map by clicking “Large Map”.
  • Use the HAND (Hand) in the upper right hand corner to move the map around allowing you to see other areas.
  • Use the tool next to the hand (Polygon tool) to select boundaries of an area. MLS Listings will show up in the enclosed area.
  • A square tool may also be used to enclose an area and see MLS listings in that area.
For Rent: You can also search for homes for rent, land and Utah income properties.
Price Changes & New Listings: Click on menu items to see changes of Utah homes and newest listings and more.
Viewing a House: Use buttons to the right of image to Schedule Showing or Email a request to see a house.